Diablo III Graphics Creates Aura of Defiance

Blizzard has unveiled only morsels of what to expect from its upcoming Action/RPG Diablo III through its new website. Already game-fans are protesting the inequities of an incomplete game they've never played in an online petition with over 30,000 signatures.

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Timesplitter143665d ago

The ''they've never played'' is not an acceptable argument here because the complaints are about the graphics and artstyle. It's something we can fully experience only by watching images or videos. It's not like gameplay.

The graphics feel too cartoony. Like WoW. And the environments look a lot like Champions of Norrath.

This needs to be changed in order to feel like Diablo. We don't want a Warcraft action RPG. We want the dark and gritty Diablo

dktxx23665d ago

How bout its not done and we've haven't even seen 1% of the game yet?

Timesplitter143665d ago

The art style. THE ART STYLE. It's not about the quality of the graphics. It's the kind of art they use. This doesn't concern the game's progress

Tmac3664d ago

Lol @ dkt, seriously art direction bro.

donator3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

Can you imagine Silent Hill with campy/cartoony grpahics because I can't.

thereapersson3664d ago

I have stated this numerous times before, that the artstyle from WoW and Diablo should NOT mix. I like the next-gen feel to the game, but if it lacks that dark feel, and comes off as being too colorful and cartoony (like World of Warcraft), it's harder to take the atmosphere seriously.

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AliC3665d ago

What is the world coming to people complaining about a game that is is pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre alpha stats and is at least a year and a half away.

Seriously people.

Bestgameever3665d ago

As i see it, the gameplay trailer was just a graphics showoff, showing what could be done with the lighting, destroyable enviroment etc.

As far as the cartoonish looks goes, i don't get it. The only thing that reminds me of WoW in the gameplay video is the weapon enchants, and the headdress on the whichdoctor, otherwise the game is miles beyond WoW in looks. - Cartoonish in my book is Team Fortress 2, this game looks just a tiny bit more realistic than that amirite?

So i guess you're refering to the wow like armor the barb is wearing. well wtf else should they do? copy age of conan armor instead? or give him a new damn loincloth for armor? - Diablo 2 graphics was too crap to show off you're armor properly, atleast now you can see what you're char is actually wearing.

Close_Second3664d ago

is more in line with the Diablo universe.

What I would also like to see:
1. Dynamic environment destruction and not the heavily scripted one I saw in the video.
2. Objects and fallen enemy should ramin to litter the set. Having enemies or broken objects fade away after a few seconds after they have died is so last gen.
3. Blood stained water. Kill an enemy in the water and I want to see the water turn red. The more enemies killed in water the more stained with blood the water becomes.

Still lots of time to go but the game is looking more like a Disney game than Diablo of old. You could easily swap out the characters and insert Mickey and Donald.

Tyrael3665d ago

After practically playing nothing but Diablo 1 and 2 on PC for the past decade, I understand the position that hardcore fans are taking in terms of the artistic style. If you take a look at the visual suggestions they have in mind, their arguments have some merit. If you haven't seen, take a look:

Bestgameever3665d ago

So all the hardcore fanboys need to do is turn down their brightness and contrast a bit?

specialguest3665d ago

After reading the petition, I believe Diablo fans have a very valid argument to petition for.

dragunrising3664d ago

After I read the petition I found a very valid argument. Blizzard should listen. I signed:-)

kevin11223664d ago

wow, those after shots look really good. that is the way the game should look like.

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Pain3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Can it be brown please?

its called something new get over it, mabey they looking to get some of ther WOW fans to play it instead of the old hardcores.

its called Curb appeal.

mr_potato3664d ago

Who cares graphick where never good on Diablo the gameplay was.

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