Gaming Age reviews Battlefield:Bad Company

Brian Peterson writes:

''It's been a number of months since Call of Duty 4 invaded shelves and the lives of gamers. Even with the release of a map pack, many are most likely ready to move on and try something new online. EA is hoping that Battlefield: Bad Company fills this void. While Bad Company is not a polished as COD, it is undeniable that the game offers some great 'bang' for your buck.

Visually B:BC has some very impressive technical feats, beginning with the destructible environments. Any title where you can blow up your enemies, it's nice to blow up the terrain around them as well. Even though it's very cool to blow a hole in the side of a building, knock down that annoying shrubbery that is in the way of your vehicles, or knocking down that water tower just for the hell of it, the destruction is oddly enough limited. A great for instance is when I had a grenade launcher at my disposal. I was able to take down an enemy tanker and secure a building with such unrelenting force, yet there was a dilapidated wooden fence that would budge not matter what I would do to it. It seems like EA made the environments have certain "sweet spots" that were destructible, which can be disappointing when trying to supply as much damage as possible.''

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