Nintendo to axe Brain Training franchise?

Having prompted a raft of copycat titles, Nintendo's flagship DS franchise has bucked the boom-and-bust sales trends of the past by remaining in the Top 40 for the entire duration of its time at retail, claiming 13th spot this week.

And the ongoing success of the original and its sequel More Brain Training means that Nintendo doesn't feel the need to release any more titles.

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pwnamon3694d ago

They don't wan't to oversaturate the market. TBH I've had enough of mario these past few months, I'm taking a break before Brawl incase I overload.

donator3693d ago

That's like saying you don't want to make anymore Sudoku books.

mepsipax3693d ago

brain training is a casual title that reaches millions of people so of course there are going to be copycats, plus Nintendo knows that as a casual title it doesn't really require many sequels, casual gamers can play a game forever as long as it's simple and repetitive so I see no reason why not to can it, Nintendo has enough moolah as it is anyway.

Axelay3693d ago

Brain Training is probably the best idea that nintendo had.
And i don't think that only the casual bought this game. I don't consider myself as a casual gamer and i like this game. It's addictive when you start play it, you can't stop right away.
Good thinking from nintendo about not milking this title, a lot of publishers would take the opposite direction with a title that almost sell 20 millions.

mepsipax3693d ago

just cause a games hardcore doesn't mean a casual can't play it same as a casual game anyone can play any game they want but Nintendo intended (damn those sound similar) to reach a broad demographic with brain training and I agree with you that I love it, while I may not be "smarter" my ability to solve problems has increased in speed. it's great.