Xploder cheat device divides opinions

The Xploder saves device now offers GTA IV saves, so gamers can grab the goodies without having to spend hours playing. Msxbox-World raises the issue that not all gamers are pleased with these devices being sold.

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FantasyStar3697d ago

Cheat Devices that work offline of course. But people are getting serious all the time. Cheats that don't affect gamerscore or online play is all fair game with me. This generation is seriously getting boring with no Gamesharks, Action Replays, or Codebreakers to add a different element of fun.

I love video games3697d ago

true, true, but i think codes are all you need, and they are free. id never buy a gameshark or whatever to cheat in a game, thats wasted money

player9113697d ago

Game Genie on the nintendo was awesome. I pimped out Super Mario Bros 3 which allowed Mario to be constantly a Hammer Brother and allowed Moon Walking (infinite jump) which made the game real fun (as in different).

Cheats like this add replay value. Other times they can ruin a game.

Half Life is ruined by cheats. Using a cheat once ruins the game completely but this is my opinion.

It does suck that cheats aren't as popular as they were. I loved searching for cheat codes to enter in to get extra playable characters or weapons or to skip to a specific level.

OOG3697d ago

Gamesharks and all were cool back when you couldnt save games etc.....but in todays gaming world its stupid for people to use them instead of playing the game....its not like they have to restart the game if they die or power gets shut off...we have game saves now

ChickeyCantor3697d ago

Xploder for the GBC was freaking awesome.
Looking for your own codes was awesome and the outcome was weird yet cool too.

vhero3697d ago

its save games not an actual cheat device so its not that bad except it will add gamerscore as MS allows you to load a game to instantly unlock points they do however also ban you for this so if you buy this you may lose your gamerscore as MS can reset it to 0.