EA to keep licenses despite shift towards new IP

Glenn Entis, senior VP and chief visual officer at EA, has told that the company will continue to develop licensed products despite a new focus on original IP.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, Entis said, "We've always strived to make the best titles, but now as we're changing we also want to have great new properties and really pick up the pace. Also as a business, we really believe that real future is creating new properties and building them up over time.

"Just to be clear, we're not moving away from the old business model. The licensed properties we build, we love those titles, we have great relationships with the license holders. What we're saying is we also need to agressively supplement that with original titles," he continued.

"What people are seeing as a change from EA is not a completely new direction. We're taking something we've always done, which is to create new titles, but we're saying we really want to pick up the pace now, we want to be more energetic at that - and we're willing to take more creative risks to do that."

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super bill4401d ago

shame ea cant make american football game.madden 07 on the 360 is awlfull the defence is none exsitents for the player why the computer al is spot on.please ea release youself from the nfl franchines and bring back the 2k serious.

MicroGamer4401d ago

They really do need more original games. Everything you see from them is just a sequel of something that came before.