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Stick It To The Man! is like playing a cartoon and watching the story unfold. A hilarious non-stop thrill. This is one game that is a must-have on any console you own!

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MasterCornholio1286d ago

And how does that make you feel?


I had a ton of fun with this game. I highly recommend it.

Kingdomcome2471286d ago

This game is hilarious. I made a clip of a funny scene via game dvr, and before I knew it, it had over 1,000 views. (Xbox's friend system stats for your clips) The rest of my videos have maybe 15 views at most. It was crazy lol.

Dirtnapstor1286d ago

This game was awesome! Looking forward to their next IP Zombie Vikings!

clownz1286d ago

I loved this game and was hoping for DLC to carry the story on or a sequel. I can't wait to play zombie vikings.

philm871286d ago

Best free game given out on PS Plus with the exception of First Light