Japanese Sales Data: Media Create hardware sales for 23/6 – 29/6

The latest Media Create figures show that the PSP topped the Japanese software chart, selling 58 861 units for the week ending the 29th of June.

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SUP3R3730d ago

360 doubled its sales this week.
Good for them ^.^

SixTwoTwo3730d ago

The 360 is still trying to twitch its way to a million.

aceitman3730d ago

it was selling 6 to 9 thousand a week before mgs4 came out now its selling double or a little more than double

dro3730d ago

the ps3 needs a big blockbuster RPG in japan, thats the only way it can go top and stay there for a while in japan.

SixTwoTwo3730d ago

It needs a pricecut more than anything else. Sony should do a pricecut specifically for Japan just like Microsoft did with Europe.

mistertwoturbo3730d ago

Actually if Monster Hunter was still a PS3 exclusive, it would have been huge. Oh well, just adds to the Wii fuel.

green3730d ago

Unbelievable numbers for the 360.Is there any game that was recently released on the 360 to have created such a spike?

mistertwoturbo3730d ago

I think it was Gundam something something.

mint royale3730d ago

with the ps3 losing momentum and falling back again after MGS boost. Wahay to the xbox doubling its sales to ..3000 a week!

Numphie3730d ago

Namco Bandai released Gundam Operation Troy for the Xbox 360 which sold 28 000 copies and came in tenth place on the software chart.

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