Street Fighter IV Console Versions Tralier

PS3 and Xbox 360 conversions of Street Fighter IV will feature characters not seen in the arcade version.

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Mikelarry3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

that was sweet. even tho i couldnt understand half of what they said still awesome. ryu needs to tell hes gf to finish sewing his trousers men they like 3/4 lenghts

Cusco3671d ago

Is there an actual street fighter anime??? (goes off to google it)
Damn that vid gave me some seriously awesome chills, so incredibly cool. If there is a decent length anime movie included with SF4 it's going to be a must buy for me.

bloop3671d ago

Yeah, Manga did a feature length movie in the early/mid nineties. It's pretty cool. If you liked that you'll love the film.

ThichQuangDuck3671d ago

Soul Calibur 4 but that looks good too.

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akumous3671d ago

Finally, really, finally Capcom has a decent story for SF. It has been ages since we've been waiting for something that tells the story of Ryu's past and the rest of the gang..This anime segment truly sets the plate for SF4, I am more excited for this game than any fighting game for 08, with the exception of KF12.

Dino3670d ago

I spent so much money ion the arcades when SFII was out and I'll be glad to plop down 60 ducketts for SF4 to plaay at home on my 60 inch tv DAYUMMM!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.