PS3 Trophy Support List

The most comprehensive (and constantly updating) PS3 Trophy Support list, with the games confirmed to be getting Trophies, and those that aren't.

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MIDNIGHT MASK3665d ago many PS3 owners critisized 360 owners about how lame the whole achievements were, and I have not heard one PS3 owner complain once about how pathetic Trophies are lol

I just think that its quite funny, i've got 7 Trophies so far on Super Stardust HD, was sooooooooo close to getting the 10X multiplyer but blown it :(

Ghoul3665d ago

i really start to wonder who owning a ps3 said archivements where bad except a handfull of continuasly flaming kids on this page, you do realise that there are like 10 guys of each faction spamming the same crap over and over again on n4g and these doo NOT represent the masses.

i like archivements i like trophies (even better because of the differentiation in silver gold etc. and timestamps.

far to many are making a serious problem out of some fanboys comments.

SixTwoTwo3665d ago

and I don't own a 360 obviously.

SilPho3665d ago

Likewise: I loved the concept of Achievements on the 360, hearing the N4G Podcast guys rave about it made me wish the PS3 had it. Now it does, albeit in a limited sense at the moment, but I look forward to building my collection when I can.

beavis4play3665d ago

this kinda stuff is ok, but ultimately i don't see it as a big deal. i play games for the fun of it and the immersiveness of the stories or even to play against/with my friends online or in split screen co-op. "home", on the other hand looks like a very big deal...if sony can pull it off.

LJWooly3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

I always thought they were sad, and I still do, but since they're there, I'm not going to avoid them, and might try to achieve some of them for the added challenge. I don't see how Sony adding a feature that I can simply ignore is something to complain about, so if I find them sad, then so be it.

By the way, owning all three consoles does not immediately discount you from being a fanboy (not suggesting that you are, though). Case in point, theMART owns a PSP, but is less than favourable towards Sony.

Infernus3664d ago

I have said before that if the PS3 had an achievement system it'd be bad for me, by that I don't mean an achievement system is bad but I'd be playing games to death unlocking stuff it'd end up being bad for my health.

I do think that achievements/trophies detract from the game somewhat and I also think that PS3 players may now play games for the trophies rather than playing them for the experience. That's the way a segment of the 360 community has gone, I see that spreading to the PS3 community. It's only a matter of time before we get WiiAwards and then all hell will break loose with the casuals!

thereapersson3664d ago

That doesn't mean I won't like it when I recieve them. They really are not an integral part of an overall gaming experience, however, and are more of an accessory.

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riksweeney3665d ago

I'd like to see Trophy support for PJM (Encore) and MGS4.

Armyless3665d ago

I'm going to need an I.V. for sustenance.

mightydog013665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

jason you can check trophies while in game and mates trophies you can send messages in game the only thing is cross game chat and cross game we can now that they have implimented it for future games, some games have already got this just basicly 2 things that will more likly get in future update......And it free.... The update not brick ps3s it just corupt hhd drive which if people know how to reformat it on pc then put it back in ps3 will sort it out......Its not like the rodd on 360 thats a hardware fault which you cant do jack sh1t about just send it back in a box to get a refurbish 360 only thing you be doing is keep sending it back when it fu#k up cause they only patch it up not fix it for good.....

AshtarGoken3664d ago

PJM (Encore) is still my PS3 crack. All day.. everyday..goodness.

RevN8r3664d ago

I have been wondering this, too. Why hasn't anything been said about MGS4 yet? It seems that with all the achievements/trophies available in the game, that it wouldn't be that difficult to transfer that to PSN trophies. Then again, I'm not a programmer. I just wish we knew one way or the other.

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Its not just on this site, I used to hear it from many others too, anyways I think its about time they added trophies, it really makes you play the game slightly differently and always makes you go back through the campaigns time after time just like I did with the 360s achievements.
Just hope they hurry up with the MGS4 trophies, I cant wait to unlock them babies

Tarasque3664d ago

I think they should have waited on trophy's until a good support of game's support it.

Lumbo3664d ago

that won't work T, if they waited for all games to support it they would NEVER release it, cause devs don't see any value in adding something that is not already supported.

So by adding it now, devs will certainly add the Trophy stuff to the upcoming games.

Seraphim3664d ago

can't wait for MGS trophies as well. At least you'd think Kojima Productions would support them...

@ tarasque

agreed. I'm all for having them and felt Sony really needed to get them implemented but to release it w/ only ONE game supporting trophies? I'd have liked to at least seen SSHD, Warhawk, Uncharted, and perhaps a couple others. Obviously going back A LOT of developers aren't going to take the time to patch their games but Sony said [I believe] that it only takes about a half a day to a day to patch a game w/ trophies... But indeed, I'd have rather waited until some games supported them before getting them. Because now I have to wait to play anything else again, and have already gotten all but 2 SSHD trophies [excluding add on pack trophies]... Uncharted sounded good this week since I have some down time having nothing I want to play but why play it again now then again once trophies are supported. Not complaining either, it's great to have them finally but it would be nice if more games utilized them from the jump...

As for Bioshock supposedly supporting trophies. I'd expect any games releasing in August and from there out to have trophies. This isn't an optional feature for the PS3. This is a requirement just like achievements are for the 360. Quite possibly some games in late July could even have them. But from August out I expect all games to have trophies so Bioshock is a given...

redmamoth3665d ago

.... We need COD4... and it needs to be retrospective based on your online profile!

legendkilla3665d ago

that would be nice! but they didnt even add rumble so chances of that are slim to none..

PimpHandHappy3665d ago

we havent even got rumble yet. The guys at IW have shown they can make a great game on the PS3 but they have also shown a lack of caring about the users...

personaly i dont care about awards in that i dont really care to go back and play a game to get em! Im sure i would be in the minorty because i have seen alot of ppl playing stardust.

i have never been a stat whore

InMyOpinion3665d ago

Problem solved. And you get rumble as well, without having to buy a new controller. Lets you play it as it was meant to be played, uncrippled.

pwnsause3664d ago

or just wait for resistance 2.

kazuma3664d ago

sorry but the real versions of fps's are on the pc

pwnsause3664d ago

theres no achievements on the PC version of COD4 though. steam has COD4 available, but it doesnt support acheivements, i think its about time that steam should be considered as an online Platform for the PC instead of "Fail for windows Live"

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