IGN: Peter Moore Q&A

IGN writes: "Whether it was in his time at the frontline of the console war with Microsoft or his guidance of SEGA out of the hardware business, Peter Moore has for many a year been a perennial figure in videogame news, and his new tenure at the head of EA Sports looks to be no different. After 10 months, Moore's already managed to grab headlines in his attempts to push EA's division away from the reputation that has long plagued it among core gamers, and as it embraces the Wii's unique interface while pushing the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 titles to new heights you have to admit it's actually working. As long as you're not a PC gamer, that is. We took the opportunity to sit down with Moore as he briefly visited London, to talk about the future of EA Sports, working with the Wii and some of his more delightful fans.

IGN: How's life at Electronic Arts been treating you?

Peter Moore: I think EA's great. We're about to really kick off the cycle of EA Sports games – with no disrespect to Nascar, which has already shipped – College Football will be shipping in the next couple of weeks and that really signifies the start of the sports videogames season. And, of course, the big beast that is Madden will go out in August, and then we have Tiger, NBA, NFL and FIFA all coming out before early October. It's the first time I've been through the cadence of all the titles – I've only been at EA for 10 months so I haven't been through the cycle of the year before. I'm looking forward to it."

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