IGN: Fallout 3 - AU Interview

IGN AU writes: "Bethesda's marriage of the immense playground that was Oblivion with the acclaimed Fallout series is a union we've all been anxiously awaiting. From what we've seen so far Fallout 3 appears to meld Oblivion's open-world freedom with Fallout's atmospheric post-apocalyptic wasteland to create one of the most absorbing and compelling experiences yet. We'll get to see a whole lot more of this intriguing FPS/RPG combo in a couple of weeks at E3 but before that we were lucky enough to sit down with Bethesda's Pete Hines and pick his brains on how the development is progressing.

IGN AU: What did you learn from making Oblivion? What didn't work?

Pete Hines: There's no giant 'we can't ever do that again' stuff. It's more how do we design quests, what kind of choices do we let the player make, how do we account for things we think the player might try and do and anticipate those? So that they're like 'Oh, I wonder what happens when I do this?' And then there's actually something in the game that acknowledges it and takes it into account. And they go 'that's really cool that I got to finish this quest in a really unique way and the game recognised that and gave me a satisfying response.'

In Oblivion the most extreme example is the bandits, who's armour keeps going up and up as you're playing through the game. Suddenly they've got glass armour and amazing weapons. It was an obvious thing that didn't feel right. So we've spent a lot of time on making sure that the player has the ability to go where they want and do what they want, but to also provide them with situations where they're getting in over their head – so they've got to leave and come back. Or they're getting into situations where they're further through the game and their character is really tough and they get in there and they kick ass and feel like a bad ass for a while because they've spent a lot of time buffing up their character."

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