Atari: Positive Alone in the Dark reviews keep coming

Videogamer writes: "Atari has revealed it wants more from its major summer release, Alone in the Dark, despite the title placing at No.1 in the Xbox 360 chart and at No.3 in the All Formats chart.

"The positive review scores continue to come in and marketing support is scheduled to run through to the end of August," Atari product manager Ben Walker told MCV. "Our target now is to build upon the start and keep Alone in the Dark selling through-out the summer"

We found Alone in the Dark to be one of the most disappointing games of the year so far, scoring only 6/10 despite much early promise and plenty of good ideas"

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byeGollum3664d ago

Positive? LOL! Thank Goodness our preciouSsSs wont be getting this game until after a while, by then AAA game will overshadow it, we wont even notice it on the shelves

harrisk9543664d ago

The metacritic score is 61 and the user score is 6.3.... i think that we can pretty much consider this to be a huge disappointment when it was so highly anticipated and the scores from both critics and users are so low.

thereapersson3664d ago

360 owners will buy anything with the 360 logo on it. It's a shame videogame sales don't take into account how many people end up returning games due to mediocrity...

dragunrising3664d ago

A bad game is a bad game. I won't buy this game for my Xbox or PS3. The game has been out for two weeks and only sold 120,000. Not a lot considering the developers were hoping to sell 3 million. Here is the link with current sales data:

PirateThom3664d ago

Positive reviews?


ShinnokDrako3664d ago

I've seen only complainings about this game, and i was going to buy it too, i needed a scary adventure =P but with all i have seen and read, bye bye Alone... hope in the PS3 version they can fix something, then i could think about it again. If it's the same (or worse) i forget it.

Angelitos3664d ago

Soon for PS3, you can get Siren Blood Curse excusively for PS3

Madbrain3664d ago

Alone in the Dark (1) was a masterpiece back in 1992... how they manage to tansform it to a piece of sh1t? so shame...

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