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Videgamer: WALL E Review

Videogamer writes: "WALL.E is an action platformer based on the Disney Pixar movie of the same name. You play as the trash crushing robot WALL.E and are joined by the egg-shaped EVE. WALL.E sections play as a cross between traditional platform gameplay and third-person shooter action. EVE sections see the robot flying through the air, taking out targets or simply speeding through tunnels. A selection of mini-games are also on offer for up to four players.

WALL.E is one of the more complex kids titles we've played. There are numerous awkward jumps and plenty of enemies to take out with your blaster. Although you can use a precision aiming mode the game also makes use of a aim-lock on. On the Wii the controls seem ever so slightly more complicated, although the addition of basic Wii Remote gesture controls might be enough to make it the preferred version for kids. Various light-gun like sections are also best played on the Wii due to the pointer." (Nintendo DS, PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wall-E, Wii, Xbox 360) 7/10

Chronopath  +   2304d ago
one point shy of metal gear solid greatness apparently, according to other sites.

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