Siren: Blood Curse Dated For July 24

Sony Europe has announced that Siren: Blood Curse will be released through the Playstation Store on the 24th of July 2008.

Broken into 4 chapters which are downloadable individually, Siren is an episodic reinterpretation of the PS2 horror title.

Episodes will be available individually or you can download the entire game from this July. With vastly improved voice acting, atmosphere, audio and sumptuous visuals Siren: Blood Curse should well be worth a look.

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SixTwoTwo3523d ago

I can't wait. Wait is that just the EU?

supahbad3523d ago

i wonder what we'll see at E3 for this

antt33523d ago

Yeah, is this for the US as well, or only Europe? I sure hope we can get it here in the US. It looks good.