New MGO Mode Now Playable

Ripten writes:

"A new Metal Gear Online mode has made its way onto the game's servers. Taking inspiration from the existing "Sneaking Mode", which sees Snake use Octocamo to collect Dog-Tags from warring teams, this mode is a battle of two teams with different gear."

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Fishy Fingers3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Sounds really good, they certainly come up with some intriguing multiplayer ideas. I love the Sneaking Mode when you play as Snake.

No ones more at home on the Battlefield.... Snaaaaaaaake!!!

Johnny Cullen3735d ago

Tean Headshot is gonna be hit and miss for me, I aint too good at headshots on MGO. I seem to get them by sheer luck xD

Fishy Fingers3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Use the FPS mode, pick your shoots carefully and use short controlled bursts on the trigger.

With a little practice you be popping heads left, right and centre ;)

Johnny Cullen3735d ago

I seem to be doing that anyways nowadays xD

But thanks for the advice anyways =D

Megaton3734d ago

I've got the Eagle title for MGO (headshot master), but I really don't think there's much you can do aside from aiming for the head and emptying your clip. I always use the M4 or that other default assault rifle, and I never use the first-person view unless I've got a sniper rifle, which is rare.

Mr PS33735d ago

And to think you get this Gem MGO with MGS4
Had some good fun with MGO
Gonna tackle Boss Exterme first before dedicating anymore time to MGO !!

Got everthing else on the lower levels now for The Boss Face Camo and The Patriot

ThatCanadianGuy3735d ago

Im gonna start working at it too.

SixTwoTwo3735d ago

I hope that rumor about the new map pack is true. The game needs more maps.

Palodios3735d ago

Much agreed. I'm bored out of my mind with the current ones already.

Close_Second3735d ago feature a better hit model than the one that has been used. That is, rather than making the headshot lethal and just about everywhere else needing an entire clip to take someone out. They should have used a hit model where you could shoot someone in the leg to slow them down, or in the arm to get them switch to the other arm for aiming, carrying the weapon, etc.

That would be fantastic to be able to wound your enemy and watch him try drag himself out of harms way as you line him up for the final headshot.

As it stands the hit model makes it darn near impossible for new comers to get into the game, especially when there is a forced handicap until players skill-up.

Bigrhyno3734d ago


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