Rock Band DLC: More Who, Less What?

Rewired Mind writes:

"I'm confused about the current waves of Rock Band DLC that have become available. On one hand, the guys at Harmonix have fired up the mammoth compilation pack from The Who for download - this is good. On the other hand, they've announced new DLC this week from Rush (meh) and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers (woo-hoo!)"

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Surviver3731d ago

I do not understand why they would not have Headstrong, Last resort and a well known
Motley Cru song for last week. Like, they had unknown songs that were quite lame,
and could've had VERY well known songs that people would actually download, instead of
filling the store with mediocrity that only hard-core fans will down-load.

Regarding the Disturbed and Weezer pack though, I understand those choices because
those 3 songs were off there brand new album, but earlier when they did weezer...
why not island in the sun, hash pipe, beveryly hills instead of the unknown, boring
" El Scorcho ". I understand they can't make everyone happy with what they choose,
but once they choose a band, at least make the songs they choose the most fun to play and best
known from that band. If they wanted people to download them, i.e. make money, why wouldn't they
choose good songs.