Realtime Worlds seeks community officer for APB

Realtime Worlds just sent out a job ad for a community officer to work on upcoming MMO, APB.

You'll need two years experience doing something similar and you'd be wise to bear in mind the firm's based in Dundee, Scotland.

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jay23671d ago

I'm looking forwards to some hands on time with APB

Defectiv3_Detectiv33671d ago

But until it shows that its more than just a GTA clone I'm not getting excited just yet. I know, I get it, its an MMO, but to me that only means it better be on my top 3 list if I'm gonna pay a monthly fee just to play it.

From what I've seen the graphics are nothing spectacular. It reminds me of another subpar MMO in dev. now - the Agency for PS3. Another game that makes bold promises but has yet to deliver.

It might be just me, but I think Sony and MS are racing to see who can release the first console mmo. MS has had 3 in the works that were all canned, and now it looks like Sony is going to beat them to the punch.

edhe3671d ago

It's a sandbox cops vs robbers with levelling.

It also looks very interesting... though i wish for crackdown 2 instead.

I hope they reconfirm this is on the 360, would be good.

ThichQuangDuck3671d ago

I have high hopes for this game but In the end we will see how things go but definitley on my current wish list.Is this still coming in 08