Youth beaten up for his Xbox game

Two robbers who savagely beat a teenager in order to steal the video game he had just bought, have been remanded in custody and warned to expect jail sentences.

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Mr PS33491d ago

Is possibly worth gettin beat up for

Marcello3491d ago

They will probarly get released in time for the downloadable content.

user8586213491d ago

haha thank god these brats are only interested in the 360 and well never c these poor B*astards on the ps3 :D

Master of Unlocking3491d ago

Some people should really be kept away from video games, seeing how easily influenced they are... and that didn't even take place in the US, but in the UK. Worrying. :(

Kirstenlottesovs3491d ago

Iraqi punishment FTW!! cut off their hands!

TheTimeDoctor3490d ago

the real iraqi punishment is sand all up in your crevices.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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