Dead Space gets box'arted

You've gotta hand it to Electronic Arts. For all the flak they get in the industry they certainly try their hand at a ton of new IPs. OK, enough with the hand gag. Back on topic. Army of Two, Spore, Dead Space are a few new titles from the mega-publisher trying to shy away from being known as the annual release factory.

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Heaven_Or_Hell3669d ago

I'm wondering why everybody doesn't care about this game...
Anyway don't like the box art

HighDefinition3669d ago

Is not gonna make anyone look at it seriously, who doesn`t about it.

Good Boxart is GREAT for unknown games to "casuals".

CaptainHowdy3669d ago

And the significance of this arm iiiiisssss what exactly? i mean is it possesed by Liquid Snake? Lamest boxart ever!

SUP3R3669d ago

The boxart looks like crap.
If I didn't know about this game, walked into Gamespot and saw this I wouldn't buy it. I'd think it was cheap lame budget title that ran out of money to get professional artists to design their cover.
However I'm looking forward to DeadSpace.

crimsonfox3669d ago

funk the cover it looks like a promising game

i like the way you have to take out enemies it different i like different!!!

cant wait to play this bad boy.

Closing3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

I'm impressed. It says a lot, and might be banned from some places.

It's like a huge parents beware sign.

BLUR1113669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

I think this game will be awesome and yes the boxart is cool.
it should be ugly

Lingonbak3669d ago

One of the ugliest boxarts ever

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The story is too old to be commented.