Sony Promises 'Regular' Dualshock Shipments

Sony UK has moved to reassure retailers that it will be providing 'regular' shipments of its new Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller this month – but admitted that it can't guarantee stock for everyone on day one.

Mark Howsen, PlayStation's UK sales director, told MCV: "It's going to be a close call as to whether we can guarantee enough stock for everybody day one, however, we'll be making regular shipments thereafter, in order to satisfy demand."

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Gordii3667d ago

Sony dont promise they try their best to say they will ship them not promise lets get that staight only your parents promise something. Thank you...

This should be good for the UK maybe it will sell more ps3's.

Mr PS33667d ago

But i will get another one just for the hell of it and cause they are so Damn Good !!!!!!!

juuken3667d ago

I LOVE my Dualshock 3. I miss the ol' rumble effect! x3 So glad they brought it back!

I hope Sony really starts treating their European counterparts better. I know they have a lot of work to do but I would love for Europeans to get treated the same way as Americans.

Admiral_Benson3667d ago

So true.

It seems us Europeans pay through the nose when it comes to gaming and we also have to wait for ages for stuff the Americans/Japs get alot earlier! Seems to be no logic for it now everything is multi regional though!?

I imported a PSEye when they first came out and was literally 5 or 6 months before they became available in the UK. They were like Gold dust!

I love my PS3 but considering Europe is Sony's biggest, most loyal market we don't seem to get the treatment we deserve!

juuken3667d ago

Yeah, I feel your pain. They need to make sure that Sony stays friendly in Europe.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3667d ago can shop world-wide at a touch of a button in a second!!!;)
(well after you waited for cr*p Windows XP to start up...Zzzzzzzz)
(i couldn't help having a pop at Micro$oft in'it!!!) ;-D
I got one last year when they came out in Japan(off ;-P
Got 3 DS3 pads now;)
Wonder if my DS3 pad will Rumble when i jump into the fountain in PS3's 'HOME'!!! ;-D

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Ben10543667d ago

have had regular shipments months ago

Admiral_Benson3667d ago

I don't understand why this has taken so long to arrive in the UK?

I got a couple from Hong Kong a few months ago (the ceramic white ones are DAMN sexy!), they all work fine as they are effectively just Bluetooth devices so why has it taken so long to arrive here in the UK?

After having these my standard Sixaxis hasn't been touched, can't believe how much i'd missed having rumble!!

Revvin3667d ago

I would hazzard a guess the delay is likely down to the many European safety laws they would have to pass before being granted the necessary paperwork to start selling them, its not like they've just designed the hardware as you said.

Sitris3667d ago

How i love you so, but don't make promises that you will (probly) not keep!

PSN ID: Sitris

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