360Sync: Kung Fu Panda Review

Console Monster writes: "When games are associated with a movie, first thing that comes to mind is that the title will be terrible. Thats not the case with Kung Fu Panda. There are many variables that make this movie-based video game a great family title. For one thing, the movies cast does lend their voices to their video game characters. The game starts out with you in control of the Po, a panda who works at his fathers noodle restaurant. Po's biggest aspiration, however, is to become a kung fu warrior. The game follows the same story line as the film which is a plus to families who have seen the motion picture.

The graphics are notably good for a family title. Character models look great and the environments pop out at you. One thing that impressed me was the glistening water. Gamers of all ages will appreciate the visuals of this title..."

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