Powerful Tablets Can Mean an End for Gaming PCs

With tablets and other mobile devices becoming ever more powerful, is the age of PC gaming desktops and notebooks coming to an end?

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ATi_Elite1355d ago

Powerful tablets will be just that and not put an end to anything.

Powerful gaming Pc original and primary task is to multitask with ease and that's something that will never be replaced.

Thats llike saying powerful gaming Pc will replace servers or those billion dollar computers they use to simulate weather and cities on.

There is room for all.

Abriael1355d ago

Just like powerful consoles did right?

Kumomeme1350d ago

atleast way better than some tablets and smartphone,even way better than someones gt720m laptops

atleast it capable to pull recent tech
thats very important for industry,either pc or else

Hellsvacancy1355d ago

Me and my missis got my daughter a tablet for Xmas, to hell with gaming on one of those things, I "tried" playing Minecraft on it, it was terrible, awful slow moving controls, the screen gets covered in fingerprints etc

And it's just uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time

BongSmack1354d ago

The screen is going to get covered in fingerprints regardless of what program, app or game you're using. Somehow I don't think you can blame fingerprints on a game.

Gh05t1355d ago

Solving a problem no one had... that is what tablet gaming is.

NuggetsOfGod1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

This completely not true!
There are some of us who enjoy self torture!!

Get ur facts straight...

ABizzel11355d ago

Absolutely "NO" (not "not", just "NO")

A gaming PC absolute minimum performance for higher end rigs is over 1 TFLOP. Tablets are just now getting GPU performance that reaches 1 TFLOP at completely unsustainable clocks and heat for a tablet. On top of that a constant charge would need to be provided to allow games to run on a tablet with a 1TFLOP since either the battery source would be drained within the hour of current tablets or your hands would have 1st or 2nd degree burns from holding all that heat.

A true safe and consumer friendly gaming tablet operates at a safe 500 GFLOPS of performance, and even then battery life is still a problem, with lesser tablets (100 - 200 GFLOPS range) struggling to play most android games for more than 5 hours, and here we think a 500 TFLOP tablet is going to play PC games at lowest settings for that long, Not.

Desktops are about top performance (2 - 5+ TFLOPS), and laptops are about top mobile performance (1 - 3+ TFLOPS). Tablets just don't have the battery life, the heat spread / heat reduction, and size factor to house a full gaming experience for core gamers who game on PC / laptops.

Tablet gaming is a secondary option, and one that's coming into it's own rapidly. The GPU and CPU capabilities are pretty much there, it's the battery power, the heating issues, and the form factor (prevents high degrees of cooling and larger Power Supplies from being used), that will hold tablet gaming back.

However, tablet gaming is a replacement for handhelds which is one reason that the Vita is slowly dying. A tablet can do everything the Vita can do and better, except for Remote Play (which is making it's way to more devices), and exclusive gaming (which is a dying breed on the Vita). The 3DS has Japan and it's exclusives to really carry it, but in the US and EU sales have dropped for Nintendo's handheld in comparison to the previous DS, with both US and UK 3DS numbers averaging 14m, while the DS numbers averaged 19m during the same period.

Nintendo has 1 more gen of traditional handheld sales possibly left in them, but for Sony it's time to call it quits unless they specifically make a PSTablet running Android.

Kumomeme1350d ago

batery aka power consumption,heat management, etc

if someone capable pulling that of from handheld that lack those things

then he really a genius from moon

those guys who believe these hoax,arent they thinking why console and pc had much power consumption and big fans 'all over the place'?

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