On the Way to the Amusement Park

The Amusement Park has had many different incarnations before we decided on the final format. It had to represent what we know of the PAIN play style and add layers to it. It wouldn't do to have another level like Downtown. We needed to move beyond that area. We needed to step it up. That meant…
More ways to move around.

More community Interaction

Different ways to move around

A different launcher

A multi-leveled environment

Longer PAINful runs


Oh and….less time between new content updates

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SilPho3731d ago

Additional Confirmations:
A video for Monday showing the level, a new launcher and other stuff.
Trophies are coming with this new level.
The level after this one includes online multiplayer.
There are new characters coming.
The price point is around 6.99, whether that's $$, ££ or €€ I don't know.

Ben10543731d ago

want to pay $7 for a new map,
i hope that the update brings trophies to the old map

SilPho3731d ago

There will be trophies for the original map. And they say they'll add new trophies to upcoming levels as well.

And personally I think $7, (or around £4) is a fair price considering the size of this update.

SL1M DADDY3731d ago

I am excited about this new map. There was tons to do on the first one that having another one to play is going to keep me and my buddies busy for a while.

RecSpec3731d ago

Was the trophy patch supposed to come out today?

ki03653731d ago

$7 is steep, in europe it will cost around £20 no doubt

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Mr PS33731d ago

Will Get me back to this for a while
Collecting Trophy's should be fun
Decent game

SixTwoTwo3731d ago

$7 for one map is lame. This is the only PSN title I regret buying. The upcoming trophy patch will atleast make it playable for me.

mattkelly19913731d ago

I like pain. It was actually a good time to me. Maybe... perhaps... you just aren't very good?

SixTwoTwo3731d ago

Nope. I just get very bored very quick whenever I play it. I mean if you don't have any other games then I guess it could be fun.

B_Rian893731d ago

this is the update i've been waiting on. but $7 is kinda steep

thereapersson3731d ago

Besides, most people spend that much on a fast food meal. At least with this new map you will be getting more than 15 minutes of enjoyment out of your purchase.

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