First Star Ocean 4 Tracks In September

Square Enix has announced that the first Star Ocean: The Last Hope tracks will be included in a new collection called SQUARE ENIX x Xbox360 Sound Collection that will be given to anyone pre-ordering Infinite Undiscovery in Japan.

In case you are not aware, Infinite Undiscovery is another RPG developed by tri-Ace. The release date of the game in Japan is September 11, so expect to see the tracks sometime around that specific date.

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power of Green 3549d ago

What about the WEST!!!!!, I'm going to give Japanese Role playing games a try I still have to get LO.

ash_divine3549d ago

I didn't realize how serious Microsoft was about Japan. But then again I guess I wouldn't wanna be the only company that's not on Square's good side if I were them aswell. I think they realize they need square to win the console war. So they wanna instill the Message "look who's buddys with Square now".

Guess Microsoft took not having the Final Fantasy's pretty hard. Either way Star Ocean IV looks awesome.(I'm almost jealous)

power of Green 3549d ago

Just admitt you are alittle jealous, I'm alittle jealous of War Devil because I was keeping up with the game back when it was listed as multi platform.

B-Rein3549d ago

Final fantasy is the king of RPGs

360 man3549d ago

ahh b rein stop being such a fan boi man

goodness sake

Auron3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

thats your opinion. just like my opinion is that star ocean 2 kicked the crap out of all the FF. but whatever right?

People stop comparing every damn RPG to a FF already!

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kewlkat0073549d ago

I Wanna see how the music is...

I love VGame Music...

~Currently listening to Battle Arena Toshinden - Mondo's Stage(Great tune)

Auron3549d ago

its all about Sophia's and Ellis' stage music!

kewlkat0073549d ago

Kayin's reminds me of some jazz club, very hip.

The glory days of PSX

3549d ago