Console Monster: Elements of Destruction Mini-Review

Console Monster writes: "Tapping A and occasionally X--I've properly summed up Elements of Destruction, a game that sounds a lot better than it really is. You get to control three different natural disaster types to wreak havoc on towns: Earthquakes, tornadoes and lightning. Earthquakes you can charge up by pressing the A button, and then you can hit X at a couple designated times to give it a "power-up." Lightning is done by hitting A twice (once to start the bolt, a second to try and hit a "sweet spot" which will provide extra damage, while tornadoes are completed by hitting the A button and rotating the left stick.

The game gives you a smattering of different levels to work on, and three different boss fights. The non-boss fight levels have you leveling different targets around the map, and are about as exciting as watching paint dry..."

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