Sony: 'Fully Robust' Home Coming This Fall

Sony's PlayStation Network director lays out the firm's 2008 roadmap, telling Next-Gen that Home's fall launch "won't be a 0.5 release" and reiterating the company's commitment to delivering a PS3 movie download service this summer.

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Polluted3578d ago

Slick. Fall's coming right up, I expect if they were going to back out and delay again they would have done it by now.

sonarus3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

With all the delays, it better not be released half assed like 2.4 where only one game supports its features. Get in touch with devs and have them ready with updates and such before releasing PLEASE.

interrergator3578d ago

is this the beta or the real thing

butterfinger3578d ago

this will be the Home we all wanted, but I guess we'll find out soon enough. Don't forget people - FREE.

EastCoastSB3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Either you didn't read the article, or you have the reading comprehension of a starfish.

From the article:

“If you think about Gmail and Susan’s reference, Gmail when it launched in beta was a fully functional email service. I personally was using it and it offered everything you’d expect, but was in beta just to say that there’s more to come and maybe it’s not fully polished.

“The reason we’ve been delaying [Home] is so that we can deliver a high quality service that the users will enjoy. Even though it will be in beta, it will be a fair representation of what the service can be and its potential, so it won’t be a 0.5 release, it will be a fully robust service.”

RememberThe3573578d ago

I'm putting my money on that Home is not going to be that great for a while. I think as more developers see it and are given time to work on it we'll see some really cool stuff in Home. But heck, heres to hoping I'm wrong!

And what the heck is this thing I heard about a 2D version of Home. It would do the same stuff that Home allows you to do, but with a 2D interface. I heard N'Gai say something about it... here it is;
Have you guys heard anything about this?

Lifendz3578d ago

about a free service. Home isn't going to cost any of us one cent to use and yet you see comments like "it'd better be this."

As soon as I'm paying a fee to use PSN my expectations go up considerably. For now, I have no complaints about this free service that is now argueably on par with Live (and looking like it will pass Live in quality very soon).

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jif863578d ago

The last nail in the 360's coffin

I cannot wait for either :)

ThatCanadianGuy3578d ago

Seriously,XBL wont have anything even close to HOME.

SilPho3578d ago

If this "My Gamer Pad" thing turns out to be true then the 360 will have something close at least. Which is better will be a matter of opinion.

ash_divine3578d ago

but MyGamerPad turned out to be a bust. it was made using stuff from deviant-art(like always). NEVER TRUST 4CHAN.

AuToFiRE3578d ago

but.. according to Breakfast there isnt anymore room in the 360s coffin

Veryangryxbot3578d ago

First 2.4,
then movie downloads,
now HOME.

Man, PSN service is getting better by the day and it totally crushes XBOX LIVE.

People saying that PSN sucks or how 360 will always have LIVE, have proven their lack of foresight and their overabundance of shortsight.

Remember back in the GTA DLC debate? Barely 2 months ago, people were crying about how much superior GTA 360 is because its on LIVE?

Rkin retarded. When the game is technically superior on the PS3. And those same people have proven that they dont know a damn thing in this world. Because barely 2 months later, we now have FW 2.4.

So kindly STFU bots. You fail like always.

PimpHandHappy3578d ago

do you not remember MS is coming out with 3D avitars! I 4get what they called it but its a straight attempt at making there own online HOME space


MS behind the curve again

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Chuck Norris3578d ago

Let's hope that they live up to their word on this one.

Lifendz3578d ago

and it sucks it's not like we HAVE to use it.

I'll give it a shot. If it's buggy, cumbersome, or just plain sux then it's a nice try by Sony and I'll say thanks but no thanks.

ash_divine3578d ago

OFF TOPIC: glad to be back. getting banned from the gamerzone is no joke(even though it was only temporary).

slave2Dcontroller3578d ago

Man! OZ is no joke. been there and I dont wanna go back lol

ash_divine3578d ago

hahaha, i'm not sure if I wanna go back either.

thor3578d ago

Be aware, that they're not lying if it releases on the 30th of November... they've not set a fixed date for a reason, it's just so they can say, "well we said fall it's not been delayed, look"

SilPho3578d ago

That's true, Summer doesn't finish until September starts.