High quality Chrono Trigger DS scan

After the surprising announcement that Chrono Trigger will make a comeback on the Nintendo DS, we finally get to see images and art of the "enhanced port". Here is the first high quality scan from Shonen Jump.

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SixTwoTwo3671d ago

This should have been on the Wii. What happened to supporting ALL next gen consoles equally?

kewlkat0073671d ago

Can't wait for this game...Thrown-back Jrpg, right thurr

byeGollum3671d ago

*out of character* - whats up with square enix lately, first they put star ocean(traditionally a ps brand game) on 360, now i was hoping to play chrono trigger on real hardware, since ppl talked about how great it was - *sigh*

kewlkat0073671d ago

....What is Real hardware? Maybe you mean consoles....

Handhelds are just as real..

kazuma3671d ago

so, the snes isn't real hardware? lol

i'm sure you would like it in 3d because 2d hurts your eyes am i right?

i for one am glad that it's just a port, none of this remake stuff snes graphics are not that bad

alphabet3671d ago

This is going to be great!

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