Mainstream media are getting hipper to gaming world

I don't know whether many of you noticed, although you probably should have, that video games have been getting some interesting mainstream ink lately with perspectives by folks we wouldn't expect to hear on this subject.

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Axelay3728d ago

It just mean that our gaming is becoming mainstream for the better and the worst.
Like others industry we'll see good thing and most of the time bad things.

Sitris3728d ago

Games will be classed as an art form, and if not that then an advertising unit. In game advertising may change the way games work. But i hope that games will one day reach mass appeal as movies are. Then we can watch the morning tv shows and see the "game expert" give his oppinion on the new hot games coming up :P

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Axelay3728d ago

When i read the comments on this site, i don't think a lot of users of n4g like this idea.