Yes or No to Halo 4?

Four of gameplayer's editors have engaged in this article regarding whether or not their should be a Halo 4, and if there should be, what guidelines Mircosoft should keep to in its development. It asks you what you think, to?

"But with Halo 3 bringing the trilogy to a nice, neat close, and developer Bungie Studios released from under Microsoft's wing, the most bankable star of this generation is in limbo. Microsoft are continuing on with the Halo brand with – of all genres – the RTS Halo Wars, and Peter Jackson – yeah the movie guy – is busying himself in the episodic Halo Chronicles concept, but what of a Halo 4? A true sequel. Will it happen? Can it happen, Should it happen? We put the question to four of our best…"

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ice_prophecy3668d ago

I adored Oni... In fact, Im going to install it and play it now...

NegativeCreep4273668d ago

The should seriously consideredd reinvented it right now. Old ideas do not die hard. Bungie needs to come up with some kind of innovative IP for the PS3 and the 360 so that they will maximize their profits and sales revenue.

Shepherd 2143668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

Halo 3 ended off with a brilliant story, i absolutely enjoyed every minute of halo 3's single player, however, that story needs to be left alone now, it was an amazing trilogy, but masterchiefs story needs to stop while its still great, and there doesnt need to be a true Halo 4, maybe some spin offs set in the halo universe but not a continuation of halo 3.

HateBoy3668d ago

Amazing story? Really? Ok, everyone is entitled to their own opinion... O liked the single player, but I'd never dream of saying it had a good story.

As for halo 4, no thanks. Enough is enough, do something new Bungie.

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Ric Flair3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

If i ever come across this Masterchump
I'm gonna Eye gouge that freak
Low blow him
Reverse chop his chest so hard that stupid body armour turns red
And put my figure four leg lock on him until he Taps


You bought an Xbox3668d ago

Your writing crap again

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I Disagree with you
Now go burst a Blood Vessel

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SlappingOysters3668d ago

There is a damn good chance that the next Bungie game will appear on the PS3. I am not saying that it will be an exclusive. I just think that if I was Bungie I would want to experiement with new tech, and tackle a new audience.

thekingofMA3668d ago

Bungie should be considered 2nd party now, like Insomniac is to Sony-sure, a Bungie game could go to the ps3, but it's highly doubtful considering their strong relationship with microsoft and their desire to make more halo games in the future (since microsoft owns the halo ip, they could only make it for an xbox)

and besides, if bungie did make a game for sony, microsoft would probably just re-purchase them to insure it never would happen again

syanara3668d ago

now that bungie is third party yea that would be a good chance to try out new tech but then again halo 3 ended great i mean its ending really felt placed if they make another i don't know if it will be good

PimpHandHappy3668d ago

you dont want to delute the series. Save it for the new xbox

I mean it and Gears of War are really the only two games MS can call exclusive. Well kinda...PC gaming is for tech geeks

JsonHenry3668d ago

PC gaming is for those of us not scared of a keyboard and mouse. And we are better off for it.

borgome3668d ago

That doesn't even make any sense, why are you better off because you use a keyboard and mouse. It just means you would rather sit in front of a monitor in a desk chair, rather than on a comfy couch in front of a big screen tv.

PSWe603668d ago

the x box 3rd60 needs all the help it can get.

The PUTO Bots need a good game or two next year, after all that N64 game will only last for so long.


Still trying to hold out in Japan Bots? How about them sales in Europe? How about feeling Sony breathing down your M$ c0ck suckin' necks?

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