TripleTags Unveils Trophy Tags.

Wish I would have finished sooner, but retrofitting our system to work with the thousands of skins and dozens of layouts, both ours and user skins needed some thought.

Basically our solution is simple on the surface. Any time you create a TripleTag and designate a card to be your profile card a TrophyTag is generated automatically using that skin and layout. This will give you hundreds of options to choose from without having to learn a new system. And if you can't find a skin you like just upload your own!

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Ric Flair3669d ago

I'm gonna get myself up to level 16
Just like i was the 16 time world champion

dopeboimagic923669d ago

Yes! I can finally show off my Trophies on the Official PlayStation forums!!!

whoelse3669d ago

Improvements: Make the numbers a bit bigger

TripleTags3669d ago

Want the space to endure 4 numbers for the crazies that get the 4398 trophies

TripleTags3669d ago

and won .. thanks for putting me to task ;)