DivX 7 To Support The Matroska Video Format

Good news web video fans. Hot off the presses Doom9's forums, we learn that the upcoming release of DivX 7 is going to support the Matroska video format! Now I know that many of you are probably asking yourself Matroskwho?, but believe me when I tell you that this is a big deal for both DivX and Matroska fans.

In the past, Matroska's popularity has been limited because there are very few devices that allow you to watch the MKV files outside of your computer, but the 7.0 rollout should give the format a huge boost. According to the Doom9 post announcing Matroska support, it doesn't sound like older DivX DVD players will be able to support the .MKV format, but I bet it won't take long before the PS3 updates their firmware to offer support. (As it is the one gaming console that is a Certified DivX player)

Whether or not you use the Matroska format, DivX's decision to support the container will have big implications on the future of video downloads. By working with CE manufacturers to ensure that their processors are powerful enough to decode the format, DivX is paving the way to bring new interactive services to the video download market.

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omni_atlas3609d ago

Another reason to get a PS3.

Polluted3609d ago

Awesome. Soon we'll be able to play those annoying .MKV files on our PS3s.

Raoh3609d ago

a comment from sony that soon developers will be able to use divx in games to provide faster loading video during gameplay.. (like a tv running when you enter a room etc)

SixTwoTwo3609d ago

I hope this hits the PS3 soon. I have alot of anime in mkv format.

roybatty3609d ago

I have some kick 4ss Anime that for some reason is MKV, amd no matter what program or tutorial I use to convert it, it ALWAYS losses quality.
Plus converting files is just a plain pain in the 4ss, playing them direct will be sweet.