PSX Extreme: PixelJunk Eden Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "Do you know what an "organic platformer" is? Well, neither did we, until we had a chance to sit down and do the research on Q Games' PixelJunk Eden. It's the third installment in the series (the first two were PixelJunk Monsters and PixelJunk Racers), and most sources will label it as a promising puzzle title thanks to an extraordinary level of originality. It is scheduled to arrive on the PlayStation Store some time later this year as a downloadable title, and we've already been impressed with several of the games we've snagged from the Network; titles like Super Stardust HD and flOw have been both solid and even addictive. We have high hopes for PixelJunk Eden, primarily because we have high expectations for just about anything that is this unique. Even if you've played some of the fresh puzzle titles on the PSP in the past few months (like Patapon, for example), you've still never seen anything like this!"

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