Extreme Gamer: GRID Review

GRID is a solid racing experience whether you like arcade style racing games or not. There's nothing to really complain about, the game is all around good. The graphics are excellent and easy on the eyes, and the sound is well rounded and helps you get into the game. The car views make it easy to see unless you're in the in car view with a shattered windshield. The only complaints are that the controls feel a little floaty and take a little getting used too.

Also with today's popularity in the car tuning business the game lacks aftermarket mods. The last real complaint is that there's no split screen multiplayer option. Aside from these few bad things the game is wonderful. The career mode will take a long enough time to finish that you'll be busy for a while. If you liked Project Gotham, or like racing games in general, this is certainly worth the $ 70 price tag or at least a rental.

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