Ominous Resistance 2 ARG site Project Abraham uncovered

PS3 Fanboy- "We are not sure how they did it, but some very clever posters over at NeoGAF has found us another ARG website for Resistance 2. The website features a woman standing over you at what appears to be a hospital, concerned for your well-being, before she is forcibly removed and the video ends with a long beep."

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sehnsucht3666d ago

For those wondering, the code at the end of the video is below:
-... .-.. .- -.-. -.- --- ..- - or

socomnick3666d ago

RES 2 isnt big enough to warrant a Arg site.

pwnsause3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

right, cause the man with the Halo avatar said so. Idiot

SIX3665d ago

Ive always wondered what Socomnicks avatar was. I always thought it was the geico gecko.

beavis4play3665d ago

but what we don't know is WHY ARE YOU CONTINUALLY IN ALL THE RESISTANCE THREADS? seems like a waste of your time so get out and stay out.

Vicophine3665d ago

You are not big enough to say that Resistance 2 isn't big enough you stupid Halo fanatic.

rexor07173665d ago

Halo wasn't big enough for its mass marketing that gave it so much hype which fooled journalists into giving it 10s...

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NightVyper3666d ago

Am I crazy or is that Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica??

morganfell3665d ago

That was Katee Sackhoff. And anything with Kara Thrace is a good thing.

yanikins1113666d ago

The ugly motherf***er in the window is creepy.

I hate being banned from th gamerzone

SIX3665d ago

That's cool. Thanks for that. Insomniac is doing a real good job with these.

+ for you

yanikins1113666d ago

btw, if i had to guess id say Resistance Mobile or something similar to be unveiled for the psp at E3

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