Getting Cancer in the Nerdiest Way Possible

If you are going to go full boar in your nerd quest to get a tattoo, you can't beat an industrial etching machine! Melanoma FTW!

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Bartosss3668d ago

omfg thats really gotta hurt xD alot

sjappie3668d ago

You don't get cancer from a small burn, or even from big burns, as far as I know.

And what was so nerdy about it? I thought it was pretty cool and original.

dragunrising3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

I doubt the kid will get cancer. Melanoma takes repeated UV exposure and healing of the effected skin. Lasers have practical use in Lasik eye surgery, wart removal, skin cancer, and many other health applications. If I opted to do this, I would be more worried about how deep the laser "etched" into my skin.

patinahelix3667d ago

Well, when you do stuff like that you are burning the pigment out of your skin. The pigment in your skin helps protect from ultraviolet radiation. Too much uv radiation is what gives you melanoma.

It's not the laser that would give your cancer, but having sections of your skin that are pigment-less that would make you super susceptible to getting cancer.