UGO: Street Fighter 4 Interview

UGO writes: "The impending release of Street Fighter IV has many a gamer itching in anticipation. Of course, no one could be more ready for the game's release than it's producer, Yoshinori Ono. At the recent Captivate '08 event in Las Vegas we had a chance to sit down with the gaming legend and pick his brain of all things Street Fighter and the state of other modern fighters.

Q: When approaching a sequel to a very popular game with a very large community, did you sometimes feel that the development process was a group effort? That the community is a part of the process?

A: It definitely feels like a community-driven effort with everyone involved. We get all kinds of feedback from location tests and fans and it's definitely all taken into consideration.

When it comes to games like Onimusha, it's kind of like, "Hey, look what we made." But when it comes to Street Fighter, its less about gaming as entertainment and more about a sort of tool, if that makes sense. It's like offering a chessboard with pieces on it--and you know all the rules to chess. A fighting game is much more like that than some spectacle of Hollywood entertainment, this game in particularly. It's really good to listen to fan input and have everyone help out. In fact, Crimson Viper was a charater that was developed specifically for the western market… We did some research and asked around and Crimson viper was born. So even at that early point, it felt like a community effort on a world scale."

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