UGO: Unreal Tournament 3 360 Review

UGO writes: "While not exactly fashionably late, more than six months after PC and PlayStation 3 releases Unreal Tournament has finally arrived on the Xbox 360. Problem is, 360 players lose UTIII's most vaunted console feature: the ability to share user-created mods over the vast beast that is the Internet. The Microsoft console does get some nice extras to make up for the absence, but can these bonus features really replace the limitless possibilities for expansion inherent to the PC and PS3 releases?

Same as it Ever Was in Unreal Tournament III

For those who are completely new to UTIII, some basics. Though not an online-only game, UTIII is designed around its multiplayer component. The pace of any given session is blindingly fast; characters zip around a massive battlefield, dishing out massive damage but withstanding very little. The result is frequent respawns, high death counts and a near-constant stream of profanity when the opposing team gains the upper hand. In short, it's everything an online-loving action junkie could possibly ask for."

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