Kombo: Guitar Hero: On Tour Review

Kombo writes: "Ever since Guitar Hero was first shown off in the Kentia Hall at E3, we knew it was destined to become a hit. What we never expected, however, was that the series would end up making the jump to the Nintendo DS. At first glance, it might appear that this is just a case of Activision milking the franchise, but after spending some solid time with the game, it quickly became apparent that Guitar Hero: On Tour was more than a simple money grab. Activision is hoping that On Tour will show handheld gamers that the series is more than just a novelty on the DS, and that this will be the first in a line of portable Guitar Hero releases.

Believe it or not, the touch screen and four button peripheral work quite well on the Nintendo DS. The add-on is solidly built, is suited for both the original DS and the DS Lite, and is extremely responsive. The guitar pick stylus (included with the game) is perfect for strumming the touch screen. After a few minutes of adjusting to a smaller screen and smaller "fret board", you'll be rocking out just like you're used to on the console versions of the game."

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