Game Revolution: Guitar Hero: On Tour Review

Game Revolution writes: "My left hand hurts. Of course, I'm not surprised. One look at the weird fretboard attachment for Guitar Hero: On Tour, and I knew my hand would soon have an affair with Tiger Balm. Normally, I wouldn't be so upfront about the controls, but Guitar Hero is all about the peripheral. Without it, you don't feel like a guitar god, but an everyday what's-his-face who can press the 'X' button at the speed of scrolling capsules. Or in the case of Guitar Hero: On Tour, an everyday scratch-'n-sniffer who can scrape a windshield at the speed of scrolling M&M's with white chocolate centers.

For one, it takes forever to find a comfortable hand position. Your hand is supposed to hold the DS on its side and wrap around the back of the DS with the help of a strap, but this is easier said than done. Sliding the stylus, or the packaged guitar pick, across the touchscreen to strum every note causes the DS to gyrate like a faulty vibrator. It's sort of like trying to play Guitar Hero with a hand vice while a strangely aroused monkey shakes the TV back and forth. Then you have to ask yourself how you're going to actually play the game: How exactly are you going to stroke the screen? How are you going to adjust the strap so that your hand feels comfortable while your fingers are mobile enough for fretting? And how are you going to sit, or stand, or lean, or balance on one foot, or contort into a human pretzel?"

+ Still Guitar Hero. . .mostly.
+ Great selection for track list
- . . .but only 25 songs.
+ Strong graphics and sound for DS
- All-around wonky controls
- Guitar duels against a score panel?
- Too easy for veterans; too awkward for newbies
- Hand cramps

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