Joystiq interview: Treyarch's Jeremy Luyties on James Bond

Joystiq writes: "During out whirlwhind tour through the new Quantum of Solace game, we were able to spend a few minutes speaking with Treyarch's Jeremy Luyties, who serves as design director on the title. Luyties has worked on everything from Return to Castle Wolfenstein to Call of Duty 3 to the heavily Bond-influenced classic No One Lives Forever. Find out what secrets he spilled about the new Bond title after the break.

Q: How final is what we saw, graphics wise?

A: It's still got a bit to go, it's still a work in progress. It's definitely moved along, but we'll be going through optimization tweaks, texture changes, things with sight and vision. There's definitely a lot more to tweak to get more out of it, but you can already see the texture and depth in the carpet, the shining of the wood panels, the bump-mapping with the lights, and so on."

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