Game Revolution: The Incredible Hulk Review

Game Revolution writes: "Hollywood, aka the place where creativity goes to die, is notorious for taking a movie concept that the $uits $ee $'s in and then spending $27 million on the marketing and only $.27 on the story. It's the classic example of the fiscal tail wagging the creative dog, and the results are often crappy movies that have you walking out of the theater thinking, "Man, that movie didn't HAVE to suck," as well as wanting to slap yourself for dropping upwards of $15 on another crappy summer movie, when you really should have known better.

Now, I know you're asking what any of this has to do with a video game review, and the answer is that not only is this a review of a video game based on a movie, but it's also based on a concept that should have made for a great game: The Hulk. I mean, how hard is it? Ang Lee (and his "Bah, Hulk daddy mean to Hulk" abortion) aside, a Hulk title should simply be about him breaking stuff and fighting throngs of puny enemies. Unfortunately, this video game outing is a lot like those summer movies that leave you wishing the creators had put as much effort into making it as you did waiting for it."

+ You break shit
+ Breaking shit is fun
- . . .but it gets old very quickly
- . . .and thats all you do.
- Underpowered story and voice acting
- Mediocre graphics

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