Game Revolution: SingStar Review

Game Revolution writes: " happens in a moment. That pop song (the one you were humming all summer long last year, the one with that catchy hook and fresh-faced singer, you know THAT one.) no longer brings sexy back. You can remember how good the song used to feel, how new and hip and all shiny around the edges, but after a hundred hours of radio play, it now just limps through its paces. Even the giant white python around its neck looks less dangerous than bored, and no one really wants to hit Britney anymore, because she's asked for "one more time" way too many times.

Singstar, the dashing cool karaoke game that offered so much for the PS2, has finally hit that moment in its incarnation for the PS3. It isn't that Singstar has changed - it is nearly identical in gameplay and game modes to its PS2 forebear - but that its characteristic slickness is now a shallow disguise for milking a few more dollars out of its fans."

+ Same click style
+ Ability to turn off original vocals
+ Music store. . .
- . . .with crappy music store selections
- Small, incongrous track list
- Weak single-player mode

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