Ninteno announces New 'Core Titles' for E3 2008

"We recently announced the upcoming release of Mario Super Sluggers," said Marc Franklin, director of public relations at Nintendo, when asked by GamePro on Friday which upcoming Wii titles core gamers should be excited for. "Additionally, we will be announcing several new titles that core gamers will be interested in around the time of E3."

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kadosho3698d ago

1 - Core gamers? Um they've hit a few bumps in the road.
But how much more deeper can they reach more audiences?
2 - Longtime franchises maybe given a break?
(*note Metroid official site has gone offline?)
3 - Actual surprises that deliver this year?

gaffyh3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

If they announce some other pile of crap like WiiFit at E3, then nintendo really deserves to die...

Maybe they'll announce WiiSh!t, and the controller is a toilet, and the "game" teaches you how to take a sh!t. [/sarcasm]

Voiceofreason3698d ago

LOL you seem to be reading too much into Retro changing their website

Polluted3698d ago

Okay, but they didn't actually *announce* anything now did they? Boooo!

SixTwoTwo3698d ago

Eventually. Once titles I'm interested in like ToS:Dawn, Spore, The Conduit, Disaster:DoC, Sadness all release or come close to releasing I'll get a Wii.

jtucker783698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

"The clear majority of people waiting in line outside retailers on Sunday mornings to buy their Wii consoles are core gamers," maintains Franklin.

Well, we all knew that Wii's "Core" gamers are different to the Gamecubes "Core" gamers.

It's a shame Franklin is calling the casual demographic Nintendo's "Core" now. And he makes no reference to the old fans who bought Nintendo consoles through the hard Gamecube years.
Still I suppose they are in the money making business.

So "Core titles" are going to be things like Wii Fit, balance board type peripherals?

Axelay3698d ago

The people who supported nintendo during the playstation area were the "so-casual", it's essentially thanks to the selling of Pokemon (gameboy)
that nintendo survive and because they don't sell their console at loss like the others.
Of course they have a loyal fanbase but it tend to reduce with time.

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The story is too old to be commented.