Gamespot: Fatal Inertia EX Review

Though it was originally announced as a retail exclusive for the PlayStation 3, delays in development allowed the Xbox 360 version of Fatal Inertia to jump out ahead of its PS3 counterpart. Now, almost a year after the release of the Xbox 360 game, Fatal Inertia EX is finally available as a download from the PlayStation Store. The EX version boasts new single-player races, an adjusted difficulty setting, and motion controls. Despite some improvements and additional content, however, Fatal Inertia EX never really rises above the floaty physics and underwhelming sense of speed that plagued its original release.

The Good:
* Adjusted difficulty is less punishing
* Nice variety of race modes
* Imaginative weapons
* Short load times.

The Bad:
* Poor motion controls
* Empty achievement system
* Career mode is too linear.

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