Five Xbox 360 Games To Watch For At E3 2008

The writers at Xboxist run down the five Xbox 360 games they are most excited to see at E3 this year.

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Chuck Norris3695d ago

So after GeOW2 and Fable2...

Marojado3695d ago

I dunno Chuck, Gears and Fable look awesome but i think Left 4 Dead looks pretty sweet as well. That said, i'm pretty big on zombie related things and I also quite like squaresoft so out of the five it's only too human i'm currently undecided on. I've heard a lot of mixed things about it.

player9113694d ago

Too Human doesn't interest me at all. The others do though.

Gears2, Undiscovery, and Fable 2 are on my plate.

Mercutio3694d ago

Regardless of being Multiplatform.

PS3 users were able to download 1080P trailer since then. Don't think that's on XBL.

iNickk3695d ago

Yea, the only one that interests me is Gears 2. Nothing else tbh..

Chuck Norris3695d ago

Pretty much, yeah. GeOW2 might come to the PC next year anyways with better graphics and framerate.

Johnny Cullen3695d ago

As much as Mirrors Edge is a multi-platform game, it really shouldnt be on the list. I get the feeling that it'll be mostly shown on the PS3 as thats the lead console.

OR...they could do what they did with Rock Band's timed exclusivity and give the PS3 Mirrors Edge as a timed exclusive.

ar3695d ago

Mirror's Edge isn't leading on any platform. DICE has different teams for each platform all working simultaneously.

ActionBastard3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Actually, the PS3 is the lead platform. Now if I could only find a link...

Dark General3695d ago

Highly Looking forward to Mirrors Edge. But you know what would be a treat seeing Dues Ex 3 on the PC, 360 or Ps3 this E3. That would totally make my E3.

kwicksandz3695d ago

Deus ex 2 suffered without him =(

Grim3695d ago

Yeah no Warren Spector and also developed for Console in mind ruined Invisible war. I really hope they pull something out of the bag with Deux EX 3 but something tells me its going to be a huge dissapointment. Also won't be seeing it until well into 2009 I think.

mepsipax3695d ago

Warren Spector did work on Deus Ex 3, so ya, he didn't have the lead role like he did with the first but he was still a big wheel of cheese, Deus Ex 3 could do better without him, as long as the devs are huge deus ex fans I can see an acceptable sequel seeing as warren works for disney now.

Dark General3695d ago

Invisible Wars but the majority consensus i hear is that it's nowhere near as good as the original. I do hope though like mepsipax said that the team are fans of the original Dues Ex and make 3 as close gameplay wise as they can. No unified ammo or anything that would make things drastically easier. And develop a awesome plot with multiple endings (maybe 5 different endings perhaps?) and i can see it being a good sequel. Maybe not as good as the original since,well that's a tough act to follow but just make a really good sequel based on the idea's of the original.

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The story is too old to be commented.