Gamer Starts Online Petition for No PS3 Game Installs

SCRAWL: "Reader Joe Rivera has sent an e-mail alerting us of a new petition he has started titled "PlayStation 3: No More Game Installs". The reason we are posting this petition is because, like Joe said "you guys understand what I mean in this petition, so I forwarded to you first"."

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Breakfast3544d ago

Joe Rivera must have some ties with the MS.

I for one, love installs.


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Breakfast3544d ago

Id watch out how long id keep my xbox on....i heard it had a heating problem.

But, if all day everyday works for you...i assume you got the names mixed up.

Hagaf223544d ago

i also love install what ever makes the game run better, and im pretty sure that you xbox fans have them on the way which is why you cant play burnout without a harddrive and soul caliber is going to also require a harddrive....

joydestroy3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

i love the installs so screw that petition.

"Xbox 360 > Ps3 all day, every day"
haha, man that's the funniest thing i've heard all day. when my 360 died and i had to take it back to bestbuy to get a new one, i promise you my PS3 was better than my 360 hands down that day my friend.

Millah3544d ago

"Xbox 360 > Ps3 all day, every day."

I'm not sure about all day, maybe about 1-2 hours at a time with 30 minute breaks.

But why would we petition AGAINST installs? Are installs really that serious? People sure love to complain about anything they can.

Close_Second3544d ago

...I can share your point of view however....oops, sorry, I need to insert disc 2 to finish my statement :)

Installs are great for reducing load times during gameplay or setting up common files for games than span multiple discs. Ask PC owners if they would prefer to have no game installs because I see no difference between a PS3 and PC in that respect.

However, what I would like to see is that gamers are given the option as to whether or not they want to install. Since Blu-Ray has the capacity to make installing games redundant, I should be given the option to not install but potentially put up with slower load times during play as a result.

power of Green 3544d ago

Kind of foolish of them trying to petition installs, it is the only thing keeping the PS3 in the game/competitive when it comes to handling current next-gen games.

ruibing3544d ago

Yeah, I have a HDD for a reason. I'd much petition for less lazy developers doing crappy ports (I'm looking at Capcom and EA mostly).

fusionboxer3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

and make a counter petition. I know installs can be a pain the ass, but if it makes load times faster then i'm all for it.

I mean I STILL wish they added an install for Motorstorm.

In fact it's actually really simple. Let the player decide if they want to run the installer or not. I bet almost all the gamers who paid 60 bucks for whatever they bought will want it running in tip top form anyway and install it. Just add the option so that gamers won't complain about it.

It's pretty similar to how they put a $400 ps3 up only to get people in the store to purchase the $500 one when they see all the benefits.

donator3544d ago

So, what's the Open Zone for again?

ThanatosDMC3544d ago

I just dont want for them to make installs incredibly boring like DMC4 or Lost Planet. They should copy Bethesda with Oblivion background installing. Or make faster installs???

slave2Dcontroller3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

I also loved installing that 160gb Seagate in my PS3. The more installs the merrier. I got room.. i gots lotsa room. XD

littletad3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Hate them. Exactly how does owning a 60gb ps3 become an advantage when you have installs from the 2-5gb size limits? With six games, you could amass 20gb or more in space. It makes no sense, and with Sony getting more games in the truckloads this fall, it's only going to get worse. Not to mention the 40gb version.

Note* and yes I know you can upgrade your hardrive, but isn't that just inflation on the already high price tag for a system? I love that I have the option though.

@turbo... hmmm that's a pretty good idea. It would suck though if every game you wanted relied on installs though.

mistertwoturbo3544d ago

WHAT? No PS3 game data installs? I love making sandwiches.

Joking aside, I think certain games NEED an install, and others don't. Uncharted could have benefited from a install due to the amount of texture pop-ins. Sometimes loading a new level would take as long as 10 seconds for all the textures to fully render.

And Call of Duty 4 had better not need an install seeing as how it runs at a lower resolution of 600p.

So I'm sticking to "some games need it, some games don't"

mightydog013543d ago

Me to breakfast love installs if it makes games alot better im all for it............"roll eyes"

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toughNAME3544d ago

You can't use crappy formats when making a installs are almost as bad as the Firmware Disaster of '08

Silogon3544d ago

I feel that and hear that!

256mb of ram, what can you expect Tough? I mean, my very 1st computer had that back in 1999 ahhahahahahahahahahahaha

Breakfast3544d ago

That explains why the 360 uses a jet engine. all makes sense now.

Silogon3544d ago

My 360 is actually about on par with my ps3. It's a bit louder, I won't lie but hardly distracting. Also, with all the power under the xbox 360's hood it's really no wonder why it makes so much noise. It's a graphical beast.

ThatCanadianGuy3544d ago

As i tend to ask the 360 fanatics,PLEASE explain in crystal clear detail how the 360 Is more powerfull then PS3,wheather it be with graphics,lighting,physics,what ever.


DarkArcani3544d ago

You do know that the PS3 has more ram than that. Stop spamming false info.

ThatCanadianGuy3544d ago

Still no explaination tho.Typical

all bark and no bite.

socomnick3544d ago

He might be refering to the gpu. The Xbox 360's graphics card is slighly better than the ps3's. The ps3s gpu is basically a older pc nvidia card. While the xbox 360's ati card is something new that has better performance. But this is irrelevant because the games have shown that the systems are pretty much identical.

agentace3544d ago

are you stupid, i belive PC has installs and they use the same format as 360 so your basicly dissing youself

mistertwoturbo3544d ago

256mb of ram thing is getting old.

The PlayStation 3 has 256 MB of XDR main memory and 256 MB of GDDR3 video memory for the RSX.

Guess what, it's 512mb that's just split into two. Developers are just having a harder time trying to program the two to do multiple tasks at once.

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toughNAME3544d ago

All exclusives and multiplatforms look better on the PS3, maybe MS should look into these 'game installs'.

Sign your name under my comment fellow Sony soldiers if you don't mind game installs, if it makes the games better!

ChrisGTR13544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

multiplats are better on ps3? explain to me why all ubisfot,EA,namco,capcom, and valve games perform better on 360?

3544d ago
joydestroy3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

you're wrong and that's just as bad as the guy that said the 360 is better than the PS3 all day every day.

most multiplats look better on the 360, but its because of lazy devs, we all know this to be true. one multiplat i know for sure that looks better on the PS3 is Burnout Paradise. too bad it's not 1080p :/

recently, though, they've been pretty much on par. that's because the devs know we've caught on and us gamers won't stand for crappy ports anymore. won't get my money.

because of LAZY DEVS!

PirateThom3544d ago

Diablo 3 isn't coming to 360, the developers already said it was PC/Mac only.

ChrisGTR13544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

because of lazy devs??? wtf??? after countless [email protected] ports on gotta realize its not the devs anymore. its the console. the ps3 itself is a [email protected] made console, the devs arent to blame for it.

look at all the canceled ps3 games ... 8days,HS2,the getaway... you cant say sony themselves are lazy devs can you? i was playing MGO yesterday and i noticed a ton of framerate issues. maybe its cause i had been playing for 3 hours, but i dont know, it was suffering from some terrible lag. and that games exclusive.

PirateThom3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

The Getaway and Eight Days weren't cancelled, they were put on hold because the same studio making both of them are also making Home which needs to be finished. Nice that you ignored the other 20 or so studios Sony have currently working on various projects.

Heavenly Sword 2 was never in development ever.

MGO is an online game, many online games do occasionally lag. Probably your connection though, since it's fine for me most of the time, bar an occasional slow reaction.

What points are you making here?

ChrisGTR13544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

i was replying to that guy who said
because of LAZY DEVS! "
anyways i guess im the only ps3 owner thats angry at what a bad decision i made with buying a ps3. the only game i own is mgs4. KZ2 got delayed till 09.. :( that was another game i was looking forward to. in game xmb is out but it sucks, i cant even use custom soundtracks in mgs or trophies.

joydestroy3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

really? that's what you honestly think? and you're not being a fanboy at all?

then explain to me why a first party title like MGS4 looks so damn good? or Uncharted? or CoD4 which came from a 3rd party developer?

you can't say it's the console if so many people have proven that it can handle some amazing games with their programming knowledge. i guess maybe i shouldn't have said JUST lazy's a combination of lazy devs and developers not knowing how to correctly program on the PS3 or maybe they just don't care. i have no idea, but it is certainly NOT the console itself. don't you worry, kiddo, when i get out of college i'm gonna show everyone what the PS3 is really capable of. since it's so hard for people to figure out how to program it, maybe i can help them.

oh yeah, and i'm a regular player in MGO and i've NEVER experienced lag. so maybe it is your connection.

dude, i think you're just mad because there aren't any games out on it yet that you like. i mean sure, i have a ton more on my 360, but i f*cking love my PS3. i treat it like it's my baby. i could care less about my 360 because i've already replaced it once (will probably have to again eventually) and it only has 2 games coming out that are exclusive this year that i'm picking up. the PS3 has quite a few that i'll be getting. stick to your console of choice. sell your PS3 if you're so unhappy. me, i like them both for their different strengths and weaknesses.

i'm a gamer, i love games. period.

PirateThom3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Yeah, but if you're going to call the PS3 a "crappy made console" while defending the 360, no one cares what you think.

superflyguy3544d ago

I just can't stand people like you in the gamerzone. Always starting up brouhahas and what not because you feel very biased towards your 360.

ChrisGTR13544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

you cant turn your back on the 360 and pretend like it dosent exist. video game consoles are made for 1 purspose only. to play games right? you act like the ps3 is the only console in existance and have to put up with sonys slowness to respond with a features that have been here since xbox 1. you know , after having a 360 for nearly 2 years then buying a ps3, it really made me realize that i just dont need one. theres no advantage at all to having both consoles. the ps3 has been a let down on all fronts. despite blueray and cell processor the graphics arent any better than gears not to justify paying over 100$ more. the games certainly arent there.mgs4 isnt gonna make up for a whole year of nothing. i bought my ps3 in november 07 and so far thats how its been. i really wanted home but it was delayed to nov 08. i hated resistance 1 so pt2 isnt gonna be any diffrent. w/e im just ranting here but so far my ps3 purchase has been a complete let down. and of course, if i didnt have a 360 i wouldnt be complaining , but as i have both i dont see the point in having a ps3.

edit @ below.

2 games? 360 has more than 2 must have games. i have a feeling your one of the people that dont buy live. withought live the 360 isnt much good. or maybe you dont have any friends with a 360. im guessing you dont like JRPGS cause on the 360 is where there all at.

7 exclusive ps3 games?? that dosent make any sence.. i cant even think of any worth buying exept mgs4 uncharted and rachet.

PirateThom3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

I have both and for me the 360 is the complete let down.

I use the thing for XBLA (where I have a lot of titles) and haven't bought a disc game since Mass Effect (a total of 4 disc games, 2 of which were forced upon me when I bought the console).

The fact is, I bought a 360 because of the lack of games on PS3 and ended up buying even less games for 360. I own more Wii games than 360 games. I own more PSP games than 360 games. I own more DS games than 360 games. This year will see my total number of 360 games rise to 6 with Fable 2 and Gears 2 because the console really has nothing else, god knows when Alan Wake is out.

So, yeah, you can big up the 360 all you want, but I'd still much rather play my PS3. Unless it's for downloadable games.

14 PS3 games - 7 of which are exclusive
4 360 games - 3 of which are console exclusive, 1 of which is actually exclusive

littletad3544d ago

The further you continue to argue which console is superior, the more fanboyish you sound and it shows you should take this to the open zone. I have both systems and guess what? Sometimes their both letdowns and vice versa, now quit wasting space on a useless argument.

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toughNAME3544d ago

There are FAR too many Xbox fans commenting right now

crank3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

uhh, game installs are great

looks to the heavens: dooshbaggery at its finest.... tough and gruff!

Mozilla893544d ago

Something has stirred the hornets nest, whats the need to get all defensive just play your 360 or dont you have anything better to do?

titntin3544d ago

Far too many irratating flamers from both sides to be honest.

But it does amaze me that when a comment is made in a 360 thread by a 'Sony fan', you see tirade of people complaining that N4G is overrun with Sony lovers who never stop destroying threads and that 360 fans never do this.

This place is infested with 360 fans AS WELL as Sony fans, and both sets of blinkered people are destroying the site.

It used to be that it was just the comment sections that were hijacked by these stupid kids, but now the whole submission process is clogged with half written blogs and slanted submissions from one side or another.
Objective news sits for hours with no approvals, but submit an article with "MS are arogant liars" or " Sony screws up it users again" and you can watch it get approved by the idiot masses in minutes.

Occasionally you can catch sight of a rare 'GAMER' in the forum, struggling under the weight of toss from the kiddies fighting their imaginary war. But they are getting harder to find and more and more of them are simply moving on, which is a shame...

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