GT: Mercenaries 2: Developer Walkthrough

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
Developer Walkthrough

Watch as the developer takes you through the 3 different styles of gameplay in this video. Each character has their strengths that can be used in several different ways to achieve an objective.

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MK_Red3728d ago

Now this is one game with destruction done right.

AlienGorilla3728d ago

It looks alright.
The explosions look cool but the graphics seem a little weak.
It looks pretty fun though, so only time will tell if it actually IS any good.

supahbad3728d ago

graphics look GREAT, can't wait for this one.

i like how he headbutted the dude in the tank that had a helmet on, that was kinda funny

Storm233728d ago

Wow. Impressive video. Loved the first one. Hope this one turns out as good as it can be. I am excited.