TeamXbox: Unreal Tournament 3 Review

TeamXbox writes:

"It's weird to think of something that's only nine years old as "old school". But in our industry, five years is practically an historical epoch, as the way games look and play go through major evolutions in those short time frames. Visually, the Unreal franchise and the engine it spawned remain at the forefront of technological advancement. Of that there is no doubt.

But gameplay-wise, first person shooters – especially ones with a significant multiplayer component - have changed considerably over the years. Realism has become more in vogue, and along with things that go along with that like cover, destructible environments and vehicles. With the exception of the vehicles, Unreal Tournament III is definitely not one of those games. It's an old school shooter more closely related to Quake than Call of Duty 4, with fast-paced explosion heavy action, a sci-fi theme to the levels and the weapons and a bunch of fun powerups like shields and damage amplifiers. In other words, it's quintessentially an Unreal Tournament game."

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stormchaser823699d ago

I really liked Unreal Championship 1 on Xbox, but never played it on Xbox Live. UC2 I was really excited for, but after playing it I wasn't that thrilled...

thereapersson3699d ago

I have it on my PS3 and my PC, and it definitely brings the fast-paced FPS action. It also feels a lot like the original Unreal Tournament '99 edition, which is always a good thing. I think though, that this series won't last much longer after this game, as what worked at one point in the gaming industry for this game is starting to show its age.

It's a shame that MS has to be so uptight over mods, because they are really fun to download and play, even if it's just with other bots.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3699d ago

Why do you have if for two systems? Thats right you can't make mods on the PS3, only import them from PC, and you still need to own both.

Panthers3699d ago

Whats you point? You answered your own question and posted it like we care.

thereapersson3698d ago

Quit disguising your trolling as an innocent question.

carnagecam3699d ago

I thought ut3 was awful on the ps3, I traded it in the same week. I dont have a hdtv but the graphics were horrible on my standard tv, i mean really really bad.

Does it look vastly better in hd? My friends thought it was on a last gen console when they first saw it.

Chubear3699d ago

That comment had soooo much failure in it, it's got to be post of the day. XD