Mega Man 9 fan-driven and crazy, says Capcom

From Seth Killian, Senior Manager of Community Forums of Capcom: "Rather than looking for specific thoughts from fans, I'd have to say this game ITSELF is basically fan-driven. It's pretty clear that without the kind of deep fan love for Mega Man, and Capcom's respect for those feelings, an idea this crazy would have just been laughed out of the room."

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Product3735d ago

Aslong as i have a megaman i can buy that is retro seeing as how north america virtual console has none.

Dark General3735d ago

For the love of god Capcom, release this for XBL and PSN eventually. I love the original megaman games and the screenshots of MM9 looks fantastic. I must play this game.

Isaac3735d ago

How about paying respect to those fans that do not play Wii and still want JRPGs?

mepsipax3734d ago

is that the bad guy from ReBoot as your avi, if so are you a Canadian?

ChickeyCantor3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Its Megabyte!!!...yes its the bad guy.they started something new with Reboot but i have no clue what it is.

My profile says Europe.....Reboot is created in canada... why ?

mepsipax3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

I loved that show, it was like a childhood dream come true, I mean going into videogames, and kicking ass, they had all the knockoff characters like the sonic/roadrunner rip off, cool.
edit: sorry didn't read your profile, but was reboot broadcasted outside of canada, I wouldn't know.

Dark General3734d ago

It was broadcasted in America as well. I remember watching it as a kid on ABC on saturday mornings.

ChickeyCantor3734d ago

yep it was also here in europe....last episode was when Dot matrix got captured by never continued.... =(

mepsipax3734d ago

that was me, while I was frying up some bacon, and drinking beer here in Canada, I got some grease/beer (not sure which though) down the equipment it sparked and caught fire burning the whole studio down, tapes and all, really sorry about that but I was too stoned and was sick from all the pancakes and maple syrup I had for breakfast. had enough stereotype yet, anyway I thought it was canadian only and was proud of it, damn, well there goes the rest of my patriotism.

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