360 Price Drop: Genius or Costly Mistake?

There's no denying that pinching pennies is on every American's mind right now. Well, at least those that own automobiles. With gas approaching the cost per gallon of Starbucks coffee, people can only hope and pray that hydrogen-powered cars are the real deal, or, that a Matisse shows up an unsuspecting owner's yard sale.

Economy woes have gamers in a bit of a tizzy as well. Software buying decisions are now made only after thorough research has been done, for example. The same goes for consoles– pros and cons are taken into account before a major home appliance such as an Xbox 360, a PS3 or a Wii is purchased.

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toughNAME3735d ago

It's like Sony's Firware Disaster of 2008...

There could be drastic changes made to improve the situation, or it could basically just be left alone.

sonarus3735d ago

Seriously...nice to have you back

Anyway price drop is good for every gamer except for Nintendo fans since price drop will have no effect regardless.

Enigma_20993735d ago

The price drop, or the idea that they're reselling refurbished consoles as new?

gogators3735d ago

if you can afford a 360 at 299, you likely to capable of affording a 360 at 349. It would be a big deal if the price was dropping to 199. That's generally your mass market number.

mistertwoturbo3735d ago

Maybe it's not just about "affording" it. Maybe it's more about value for the money? Ever thought about it that way?

Now people who were interested in a 360 for $349, might have felt it's too steep to invest in. But once it's $299, they'll feel much better purchasing it. Heck, it's basically $299 + 1 game which equals the price of a 360 right now.

Light Yagami3735d ago

Its a desperate move. I know your plan Microsoft, and I know how to counterattack.

Excalibur3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

With the rising costs of Gas, food and just about everything else, it's nice to see something I'm interested reducing it's cost.

I know I'm staying home a lot more and it would be nice for others to do it at a lower cost.

Also $50.00 is almost the price of a new game and is the price of XBL for a year so how do you beat that?.
Ya can't just say you are buying the machine alone, wadda gonna play on it?

I know my $399.00 purchase quickly turned into almost $600.00 after buying several games.
It's very easy to be nickel and dimed when buying any new system,extra controllers, extra cables, games,chargers or whatever, every little bit helps.
I think the $50.00 off is a good thing for gamers.

mistertwoturbo3735d ago

"With the rising costs of Gas, food and just about everything else"

Amen amen amen. This is a welcomed price drop. Sony need to follow suit.

r2kcipher3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Sony should follow suit. most likely around September when the big games are coming out. imagine a $400 80gb(or 120gb) ps3 bundled with LBP or MGS4. irresistible. still alot of money tho.

marionz3735d ago

here in nz you can get a xbox 360 arcade pack for cheaper then a wii....thats a damn good deal.

so for people that arnt huge gamers or just want a console to shut the kids up what would you choose?

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The story is too old to be commented.